Hair and Scalp Treatments

Deep conditioning and more!

Deep Conditioning Treatment – This treatment adds moisture back into the hair that is removed by daily activites and some styling products. It restores moisture and prevents further problems.

Chlorine & Mineral Removal (Malibu Treatment):
Detoxifying. Great for eliminating minerals caused by hard-water build-up from well water. Fantastic on swimmers hair.
Use before perms & color services for best results.

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Malibu Treatment

Remove excess buildup in your hair caused from hard water,chlorine, water softeners and medicines.

$25 $25
Deep Treatment

Add on service at the shampoo bowl. Your stylist will help you choose which conditioner is best based on what your hair is in need of at the time(moisture/protein/smoothing).

$10 $10

Olaplex is a treatment that makes the hair healthier, stronger, and will help haircolor last longer.
What is Olaplex “technically” doing? Protecting/rebuilding our disulfide bonds in our hair from breakage/strengthening them back together from previous breakage. It helps with the overall strength and integrity of the hair.
 $25  $25