Hair and Scalp Treatments

Deep conditioning and more!

Deep Conditioning Treatment – This treatment adds moisture back into the hair that is removed by daily activites and some styling products. It restores moisture and prevents further problems.

Chlorine & Mineral Removal (Malibu Treatment):
Detoxifying. Great for eliminating minerals caused by hard-water build-up from well water. Fantastic on swimmers hair.
Use before perms & color services for best results.

Service   Him   Her
Malibu Treatment $25 $25
Deep Treatment $10 $10

Olaplex is a treatment that makes the hair healthier, stronger, and will help haircolor last longer.
What is Olaplex “technically” doing? Protecting/rebuilding our disulfide bonds in our hair from breakage/strengthening them back together from previous breakage. It helps with the overall strength and integrity of the hair.
 $22  $22